Ethical Eco Art - Utility Objects

A utility chest of drawers (middle photo above and larger below) abandoned in a shed and covered in a black bloom – destined for landfill by the homeowners. Now, after its renaissance, it symbolizes how we need to interact closely with nature to lessen our impact on the environment. Firstly we used a natural product – oak leaves from our woods and discarded by nature, with leaves from a dictionary found in a skip layered into the top, as the layers of history of this chest, side panels of native americans, who learned to live side-by-side with nature and heavy horses, who allowed us to work the land, the braided string ‘frames’ represent the natural decoration used by both of them.

Utility Chest

Much of our inspiration comes from observing nature’s cycles through our studio at Clue Hill Farm. We learn to co-exist with our environment by producing sustainable designs in a totally ethical and environmentally friendly way. Our business is green and carbon neutral (we have a continuing program for planting new trees and nurturing the hedgerows and woodland on the farm).
Each of our original designs is totally unique and will have its own individual ‘rescue’ number and be signed by the artist.