About Ethical Eco Art

Eco product and design renaissance

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We aim to create high quality original artwork using innovative design, mostly involving the use of upcycling.
We rescue the majority of our items, including furniture, paints and beads etc from going into landfill sites. Upcycled art ‘upgrades’ materials that are usually thought of as obsolete.
During the creative process we do not distort the recycled object, making it a low impact product. We ensure that the look and feel is still retained, but greatly enhanced into contemporary designs. This takes many hours of work.

Ethical Statement and Policy

We under take the following:
1. Active care and nurturing of the environment.
2. Responsible, fair and sustainable trading practice.
3. Ensure that any suppliers follow similar policies, wherever possible. 4. Equal opportunities and non-exploitative employment practices.
5. Socially responsible activities.

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