‘SHEEP CHIC’ Photoshoot

Posted August 25th, 2011 by CatriEcoArtist

This has to be the ultimate eco-chic photoshoot. There cannot be anything greener or more sustainable. First we prepare the fleeces -

This is ultra-quick and the fleeces are so flexible.  By using their natural shape, there

is no need for pattern cutting.  True eco-chic is incorporating the natural lines of the material you are working with. No added extras, this makes the process totally green and sustainable.

Eco-chic reigns supreme

The original users look on in amusement!

Matching boots finish the outfit off

 Here is Sheep Chic taken to the extreme.  Back to where it originated from, although these are far more graceful and elegant sheep. Eco-chic is here to stay.

This is green couture

 Green couture is here to stay – so natural

Green couture is so easy to wear

Sheep Chic is available to anyone



Ethical Eco Art wants to be the pioneers of the this new wave in couture, it ticks all the boxes for us: green, sustainable and eco-chic.  The ultimate in upcycling and fashion.

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